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“HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT LYING ?” Projector, monitors, sound, print, Tate Modern 2018. 
“HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT LYING ?” Projector, monitors, sound, print, Tate Modern 2018








Lotte Andersen is an artistliving and working in London. She has exhibited internationally, her most recent installation “How do you Feel about Lying?” featuring ShyGirl at Tate Modern. She makes installations based works, using video, print, cloth, sound and performance inviting pleasure seekers and human behaviour into the work. 

Her acclaimed night MAXILLA is the primary research, her work considers the body as a site for joy and resistance. Here she develloped a distinct visual language through making prints and publications, critiquing online culture

Dance Therapy, commissioned in March 2017 by Cairo Clarke, as part of the Touch Sensitive residency at Guest Projects. Playing with video, space, sound and installation Lotte re-presented the concerns of Dance Therapy in a series of multimedia installations, first shown at Drawing a Blank in May 2017 and later at her first solo show at V3. For the exhibition at the Koppel Project, the work is recontextualized in a new iteration, defining Dance Therapy as a constantly evolving project where the viewer is placed in the work, confronting the politics of taking up space, whilst simultaneously being part of it

Lotte’s work has been featured in British Vogue, iD, Nowness, Dazed, Showstudio, Refinery 29 , Twin and the Guardian whilst working for brands such as Stella Mcartney, Nike, Adidas, Mira Mikati, Eurotic and Vans. She has held artist talks at the V&A, Tate Modern and Bold Tendencies. She was shortlisted in 2018’s Dazed 100, as part of the 100 global creatives influencing the world now. 

Lotte launched StellaSport as editor and art director Adidas and Stella Mccartney, where she was nominated for a Webby Award. She has worked as an art director / casting director alongside Tyrone Lebon, Lea Colombo, Dexter Navy, Jesse Jenkins, Leonn Ward. 

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