All Opposing Players at David Kordansky
curated by The Racial Imaginary Institut
Los Angeles
July 23 - August 27, 2022

Devenir Isla at La Casa Encendida
curated by Aina Pomar Cloquell

May 27 - September 18, 2022



Lotte Andersen (b.1989) is an interdisciplinary artist born in London, currently based in Latin America. Centering around installation, her work forms an investigation into group dynamics, movement and its properties within different contexts, and the manipulative nature of nostalgia. Her performances oscillate between investigative, documentary, participatory and autobiographical, in which the viewer is often placed within the artist’s work, activating it whilst dealing with the implications of their own presence. Here, an interesting paradox is uncovered; that of producing factual knowledge from observing human behavior, within the context of an artificial or constructed social environment. The figures in Andersen’s work serve as abstractions or archetypes, acting mostly as characters based on metaphors or tropes to examine certain pre-existing hierarchies which permeate daily life.

Andersen’s approach to materiality is mirrored across mediums, themes and ideas are often ‘cobbled’ or mashed together, whether working in collage, sculpture, video or audio samples. Considering sound and video as physical objects in space, she works with the idea that echoic (sound) memory is stored for longer periods than iconic (visual) memory. Additionally working with archives of images and sound, she is interested in the power of the role of the archivist, to foreground or background certain information. In this way the politics of the edit; either subtle or violent, are of poignant and specific interest whilst considering the impact of implicit biases. Presented individually, the works function like relics, revealing a residue or core in the process of deconstructing the installation, prompting the viewer into the narrative of her wider practice. Joy is an act of resistance.

Andersen is a visiting lecturer on the Sculpture Masters program at the Royal College of Art, London, UK. She was the founder and organizer of MAXILLA, a party and community events project that was active in London from 2011-2016.

Recent shows and presentations include, The Future Isn't What It Used to Be, Morain House, London, UK (2021); Set to Go, Space 52, Athens, Greece (2021); It's not you, It's me. It's complicated, Nada Miami, presented by Ginsberg Gallery Lima, Peru (2020); Propositions for Alternative Narratives, Photoworks UK, Brighton, UK (2020); The Economics of Movement, The Whitechapel Gallery London, UK (2019); Good Night, Energy Flash, Hyundai Card Storage foundation, Seoul, Korea (2019).



Selected Shows

El Cuarto de Máquinas


Hilario Galguera, Mexico City

El Cuarto de Máquinas, 2021

Installation view Hialrio Galguera, Mexico City

The Esprit family ( Musical Note)

collage paper
84.5cm x 54 cm

The Esprit family ( Balloons)

collage paper
84.5cm x 54 cm


The future isn't what it used to be,  2021

duo Show with Jack Jubb at Moarain House

The Future isn’t what it used to be 

Speakers, cables, hat, pins, vase, amp, media player, audio (11 minutes)
Dimensions variable

It’s not you, it’s me. It’s complicated,   

-Solo Project at Nada

Helmut Cutout, 2020

Inkjet on semi-matte luster paper, aluminium frame
28 x 21.5 x 1.5 inches

The Nail in the Coffin (Mis Uñas Favoritas), 2020

13 painted acrylic nails on velvet, bevelled wooden display case, glass

Babygirls own standard of etiquette,  2020

Steel structure, acrylic car paint, serigraphy on embroided black twill, denim and velvet

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, 2020

Welded iron, engraved plaques
14.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches

The Dick Jewell Standard, 2020

Stainless steel structure, serigraphy on textured plastic, serigraphy on clear plastic, screws
109 x 17 x 0.5 inches

“HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT LYING ?” Projector, monitors, sound, print, Tate Modern 2018.